Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

Success Stories

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Date Title Format/File Size
10/19/2017 Ingalls Shipbuilding Begins Implementing Work Cell Technologies to Reduce Manufacturing Costs PDF / 131.83 KB
10/05/2017 ManTech Project Advances Knowledge on Improving Additive Manufacturing of Metal Electronics Chassis PDF / 117.51 KB
10/05/2017 Printed Sand Mold Technology Investigated to Improve Producibility of Submarine HY Steel Castings PDF / 43.29 KB
09/13/2017 Electric Boat Begins Implementing Work Cell Technologies for Hanger Production PDF / 147.99 KB
08/10/2017 Automated Processes Improving Stiffener Component Construction at Ingalls PDF / 152.46 KB
07/27/2017 Improved Construction Method Incorporated into the Design of Submarine Deck Structures PDF / 136.27 KB
05/19/2017 Enabling Earlier Outfitting Expected to Save Future Aircraft Carrier Construction Costs PDF / 108.36 KB
03/14/2017 Implementation of Improved Crack Repair Process for MRAP Vehicles has Begun PDF / 169.89 KB
02/09/2017 Additively Applied Isolation Coatings for Navy Fasteners to Reduce Galvanic Corrosion PDF / 150.05 KB
12/06/2016 Portable System to Mitigate Aluminum Cracking to Provide Significant Cost Avoidance PDF / 142.36 KB
11/16/2016 New Winch Will Enable Less Expensive Maintenance of RMS Component PDF / 113.69 KB
11/07/2016 Ingalls Shipbuilding Implements DDG 51 Sonar Dome Manufacturing Improvements PDF / 155.17 KB
11/03/2016 Improved Abrasive Technology Capable of Reducing VCS Construction Labor Costs PDF / 58.29 KB
10/13/2016 Weapons Magazine System Manufacturing Improvements Benefit Several Navy Ships at Two Shipyards PDF / 83.08 KB
10/05/2016 Mechanized Tools to Reduce Labor for Pulling Cable on Surface Ships PDF / 135.34 KB
09/27/2016 Modified SHT Debond Detectors Delivered to Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for In-service Use PDF / 144.08 KB
09/16/2016 Automated Pipe Production Methods Anticipated to Save $7M on Several Ship Classes PDF / 129.92 KB
08/05/2016 Improved Hull Fabrication Processes to Reduce Ship Construction Costs PDF / 70.17 KB
07/29/2016 Innovative Cable Installation Solutions to Save Labor and Costs in VCS Construction PDF / 44.29 KB
07/26/2016 Effective Submarine Baffle Tile Coating Will Save Life-Cycle Costs PDF / 65.92 KB
06/28/2016 Integrated Metrology Approach to Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Schedule for Several Ships PDF / 75.97 KB
06/21/2016 SHT Improvements Achieve Early Implementation on VCS PDF / 51.29 KB
06/06/2016 Innovative Machining Techniques to Reduce Costs for VCS Propulsor Manufacturing PDF / 131.17 KB
05/17/2016 Ingalls Implements Mechanical Arm for a Man Lift Application to Save Labor and Improve Ergonomics PDF / 86.46 KB
05/03/2016 Casting Solution to Reduce Cost and Weight for Freedom-variant LCS Hull PDF / 42.65 KB
04/28/2016 Modified SHT Debond Detector to Save Costs on In-service VCS hulls PDF / 67.69 KB
04/18/2016 Improved Flexible Infrastructure Track System to Save Costs for CVN and Other Surface Ships PDF / 172.97 KB
03/29/2016 Manufacturing Improvements Result in Reduced Cost and On-Time Delivery of CVN 79 Weapons Elevator Doors PDF / 57.46 KB
02/24/2016 Mechanized Tools to Reduce Labor for Pulling Cable on Surface Ships PDF / 134.92 KB
12/15/2015 Nano-ceramic Coatings for VCS Main Propulsion Shafts Could Create Life-cycle Savings PDF / 121 KB
12/09/2015 Reducing Distortion in DDG 51 Class Thin Plates Will Avoid Costs and Significant Rework PDF / 139.75 KB
11/05/2015 SSHT System Improvements Recommended for Navy Ships PDF / 133.05 KB
08/18/2015 Remotely Operated Mini Crawler Demonstrates Technology Potential in Maintenance Activities PDF / 137.45 KB
08/04/2015 NDI Strategy Will Enable Inspection of EBDM Flight-Critical Titanium Components PDF / 117.27 KB
07/14/2015 Ingalls Implements DDG 51 Sonar Dome Manufacturing Improvements Ahead of Schedule PDF / 84.87 KB
06/16/2015 Exothermic Welding Process Validated for Use on CVN 78 for Installation of EMALS PDF / 117.91 KB
06/09/2015 Mechanized Plate Edge Preparation Tool to Reduce Navy Shipbuilding Costs PDF / 131.5 KB
04/07/2015 Improved Installation Procedures to Reduce Cost of Aircraft Carrier Transparent Armor Windows PDF / 130.24 KB
02/19/2015 Distortion Reduction and Cut Part Accuracy Improvements to Save Millions for DDG 51 and Other Ships PDF / 147.62 KB
01/27/2015 Manufacturability Improvements to Avoid Costs in the Production of HTSDG System on Future Combatants PDF / 153.05 KB
12/19/2014 Improved Manufacturing Processes for VCS Weapons Cradles to Save Costs PDF / 49.93 KB
10/30/2014 Improved Grit Blasting and Related Processes are Saving Labor in VCS Construction PDF / 61.04 KB
10/14/2014 Inspecting Special Hull Treatment with Impulse Hammers Will Lead to Cost Avoidance for VCS PDF / 64.35 KB
08/21/2014 More Efficient Surface Preparation Methods Developed for CVN 79 Tanks and Voids PDF / 40.06 KB
08/21/2014 Temporary Coatings Identified to Protect Surfaces During Ship Construction PDF / 109.96 KB
07/28/2014 New Tooling Will Reduce Cost to Install and Repair VCS Pipe Assemblies PDF / 58.62 KB
07/25/2014 Improved Pipe Processing Methods Expected to Save $590K per VCS Hull PDF / 36.97 KB
07/08/2014 Improved Component Design to Reduce Weight of LCS Sliding Doors PDF / 75.66 KB
04/29/2014 Portable, Robotic Backgouging System to Save Labor in VCS Construction PDF / 61.21 KB
04/22/2014 Surface Treatment Improvements Will Save Costs and Extend Service Life for CVN Elevator Support Structures PDF / 57.08 KB
02/19/2014 Panel Line Process Solutions Improve Quality, Schedule and Cost for DDG 51 Class Ships PDF / 137.14 KB
01/20/2014 White Light Scanning Yields Highly Accurate and Repeatable Measurements of Propulsion Shaft Tapers PDF / 77.88 KB
12/17/2013 NMC Project Identifies Manufacturing Process for Flexible Cryostats that Meets Navy Requirements PDF / 53.21 KB
08/21/2013 Weld Shaver Tools Implemented in DDG 1000 Construction PDF / 68.36 KB
06/13/2013 Alternative Adhesive Selected to Reduce the Installation Cost of VCS Damping PDF / 132.24 KB
05/01/2013 Small Diameter Pipe Fitting Prototype Tools and Fixtures Being Implemented at VCS Shipyards PDF / 137.78 KB
02/06/2013 Fabricating LCS Component with Alternative Material is Expected to Save Significant Structural Weight PDF / 85.16 KB
07/20/2012 Cost-Saving Alternative Flame Brazing Technology Implemented in CVN 78 Construction PDF / 64.65 KB
06/25/2012 Preventing Coating Damage from Welds Will Reduce New Construction Cost PDF / 189.31 KB
06/21/2012 Navy Metalworking Center Expands Capabilities for Low-Cost Friction Stir Welding PDF / 84.11 KB
06/12/2012 Low Cost Pallet System Manufacturing Improvements to Reduce Cost and Weight for DDG 1000 PDF / 97.81 KB
05/31/2012 Exothermic Welding Process Validated for Use on CVN 78 for Installation of EMALS PDF / 116.13 KB
03/29/2012 Navy Metalworking Center Project Team Identifies Methods to Improve Grit Blasting Process PDF / 58.13 KB
03/20/2012 Dual Hot Wire/Cold Wire Gas Tungsten Arc Cladding Procedure Can Increase Shipyard Cladding Deposition Rate by 72% PDF / 55.03 KB
02/28/2012 Efficient Environmental Controls Save More Than $200K per Hull in VCS Construction PDF / 98.12 KB
11/08/2011 Alternative Material for Critical Submarine Component to Save Costs and Improve Mechanical Properties PDF / 155.1 KB
10/27/2011 NMC Leads Effort to Improve Quality and Reduce Cost of Waterjet Inlet Tunnel Entry Edge PDF / 110.99 KB
10/24/2011 HSLA-80 Plate Distortion Mitigation Success Story PDF / 65.62 KB
10/24/2011 Automated Back Gouging of Thick Plate Success Story PDF / 136.61 KB
09/09/2011 Alternative Forming Technique for Large Bore, Seamless Alloy 625 Elbows Successfully Implemented on CVN 78 PDF / 83.99 KB
08/30/2011 Cast Stem Implemented on LCS; Reduces Production Cost and Time PDF / 137.74 KB
08/25/2011 NMC Leads Effort to Improve Quality and Cost for Critical Navy Castings PDF / 59.09 KB
07/19/2011 Software Tool for Welding Procedures Implemented at Two Shipyards PDF / 141.97 KB
05/24/2011 Hybrid Laser-Welded Metallic Sandwich Panel Technology Applied to DDG 1000 PDF / 93.78 KB
01/27/2011 HSLA-115 Used in Construction of CVN 78, Reducing Top-Side Weight and Lowering the Center of Gravity PDF / 115.09 KB
01/26/2011 HLAW Process Approved for Construction of HSLA-80 T-Beams on DDG 1000 PDF / 55.67 KB
08/11/2010 Newly Developed Welding and Cutting Parameters to Save 4,700 Labor Hours per DDG 1000 Class Ship PDF / 47.36 KB
11/27/2009 Alloy 625 Formability Success Story PDF / 71.69 KB
07/08/2009 Alloy 625 Pipe Welding Success Story PDF / 78.02 KB
06/18/2009 HSLA-65 Hot Forming Limits Success Story PDF / 40.69 KB
04/01/2009 LC FSW Success Story PDF / 78.95 KB
03/31/2009 N-UCAS Success Story PDF / 48.81 KB
01/28/2009 CVN 21 Innerbottom Assemblies Success Story PDF / 60.38 KB
05/31/2008 Optimized SMAW Electrodes Success Story PDF / 90.77 KB
12/15/2005 Advanced Thermal Battery Production PDF / 63.92 KB
10/01/2005 High Strength Marine Grade Fasteners PDF / 78.47 KB