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NMC Developing Process to Reclaim High-Cost Metal By-Product in JSF Engine Components

Separating nickel alloy from grinding swarf will significantly reduce material costs for the F135 engine components.

Improved Crack Repair Process Will Save Costs for MRAP Vehicles

An improved process to repair cracks in the upper structure of MRAP Cougar CAT I/II hulls will reduce the cost and schedule associated with the current method.

ShipTech 2016 Included in Top 50 Defense Manufacturing Conferences List

ShipTech 2016 featured an impressive lineup of technical and general session speakers, including Navy and industry leaders.

Mechanized Unit Construction Process to Save More Than $1 Million Annually at Ingalls Shipbuilding

More efficient unit construction will increase shipbuilding throughput while reducing production costs and labor.

Additive Manufacturing to Reduce Cost and Lead Time for Electronics Chassis

Maturing additive manufacturing technologies to fabricate metal electronics chassis on Navy platforms will reduce cost and lead time.

NMC Publishes Tech Bulletin on Shipbuilding Prototype Tool Development

Learn about the Navy Metalworking Center's capabilities and accomplishments in developing prototype tools from concept to commercialization. The mechanized tools save labor and worker injuries associated with manual processes.

Video Demonstrating Mechanized Cable Pulling Tools Now Available Online

A Navy Metalworking Center project team developed easy-to-use, small, lightweight, portable, power-assisted tools to reduce the amount of time and effort required to pull electrical power cable.

Automated Manufacturing Solutions for JSF Engine Part to Save Costs and Improve Quality

Implementation of an automated, adaptive grinding solution will reduce production labor costs and improve quality and performance.

Video Demonstrating Pipe Production Tools Now Available Online

The Navy Metalworking Center (NMC) has produced a brief video that illustrates the results of a recent project that investigated and developed manufacturing methods to reduce the cost of producing pipe welds on Navy ships.

Navy Metalworking Center 2015 Annual Report Now Available

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