Advanced Metalworking Solutions for
Naval Systems that Go in Harm's Way

Success Stories

New Winch Will Enable Less Expensive Maintenance of RMS Component

The TCMW is designed to provide a means for shipboard maintenance of the cable between the RMMV and the towed minehunting sonar system.

Ingalls Shipbuilding Implements DDG 51 Sonar Dome Manufacturing Improvements

The project results reduce time, labor, and rework associated with sonar dome fabrication.

Improved Abrasive Technology Capable of Reducing VCS Construction Labor Costs

Improved abrasive technologies would allow shipbuilders to remove material faster, resulting in construction cost savings.

Weapons Magazine System Manufacturing Improvements Benefit Several Navy Ships at Two Shipyards

Improving the manufacturability and installation of weapons magazine C-channels will reduce labor and costs.

Mechanized Tools to Reduce Labor for Pulling Cable on Surface Ships

Tools developed under this project will reduce labor as well as health and safety issues associated with shipboard cable pulling.

Modified SHT Debond Detectors Delivered to Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for In-service Use

A modified debond detector will support SHT inspection operations at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

Automated Pipe Production Methods Anticipated to Save $7M on Several Ship Classes

The automation/mechanization of pipe fabrication processes for shipboard applications will improve quality and reduce costs on multiple naval platforms.

Improved Hull Fabrication Processes to Reduce Ship Construction Costs

Mechanized and/or automated processes will reduce labor and improve quality during hull fabrication.

Innovative Cable Installation Solutions to Save Labor and Costs in VCS Construction

Improved cable pulling processes in VCS construction will reduce labor hours as well as injury claims and medical costs.

Effective Submarine Baffle Tile Coating Will Save Life-Cycle Costs

Applying a durability coating to GTC SONAR baffle tiles will increase the service life of the tiles and reduce total ownership cost.

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